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Mission Statement

The mission of Interactive Partners Consulting and Training LLC is to provide education, awareness, and therapeutic solutions to those that are working with children that are at a high risk of being trafficked or that have been trafficked.


About Lisa

The traumatic nature of human trafficking and the emotional toll on child welfare workers demands effective advocacy from experienced, passionate experts like Lisa Lucchesi. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Lisa brings both deep knowledge and a sustained passion to the issue, contributing where she can to bring justice to those who have suffered and identify and protect imperiled youth.

A widely recognized expert in the field, Lisa has worked closely with Federal and State Law Enforcement and Judges across the United States on child exploitation and child trafficking questions. Beginning with a career in Child Protective Services in Arizona, she gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges children face and the systematic inadequacies that must be addressed to improve existing conditions.

She has worked directly with children, parents, service providers, attorneys, and other stakeholders. With her rare perspective on the interaction of these disparate sectors, she has effectively mentored CPS specialists and developed the Team Initiative Model. This enables improved coordination between the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Department of Child Safety (thus allowing for better identification and prosecution of Human and Sex Trafficking cases).

Additionally, Lisa is a co-author of the Maricopa County Sex Trafficking Collaborative / Analysis of Three Years of Cases, published in December 2020, furthering Arizona’s leadership in the national anti-human-trafficking movement.

About Heidi

Heidi Chance, is a retired law enforcement professional who served 25 years.  She is a leader and consultant who equips other law enforcement and other organizations with the tools and awareness to fight for a chance for change in the realm of sex trafficking.

She has testified as an expert witness in court proceedings and is a subject matter expert in the area of sex trafficking.  Her specialized sex trafficking training has educated professionals within community groups, child safety departments, probation, jail and corrections staff, medical staff, the Phoenix Police Academy as well as other nationally recognized conferences, such as the International Narcotics Interdiction Association, Arizona Narcotics Officers Association, Shared Hope International, International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators and Arizona Women’s Initiative Network. She has also developed an eight hour advanced detective training course that is featured online for AZPOST on the subject of human trafficking.

She is a highly sought-after powerhouse speaker, consultant, and nationally recognized trainer.  Since 2014, she often travels across the United States teaching other law enforcement agencies for the National Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College, Amber Alert program.  She is also featured in the Frontline PBS documentary “Sex Trafficking in America”.

Heidi is passionate about the power of awareness and making a chance for change for sex trafficking victims and how professionals understand the growing sex trafficking problem in our communities.


About Roberto Bernardino Piccarreto

Roberto Bernardino Piccarreto is a practicing Attorney licensed in Georgia.  In a collaborative relationship with the “Integrative Partner’s Consulting and Training” company, he prepares specialized legal material on domestic and international Human Trafficking. His goal is to promote awareness and foster a team-based model of mutual legal assistance among countries in prosecutions, judicial proceedings, investigations, immigration protocol, and intelligence sharing on organized criminal groups trafficking in persons across borders. 

Roberto is a former Judge, served as a Prosecutor, a Metro Atlanta Police Officer, was a judicially appointed Police Expert Witness by order of the court, and had published many legal articles as a Legal Journalist.  Also, he has worked many years in the U.S. Intelligence Community and served in the U.S. Military Special Forces.  All of Roberto’s employment pedigree contribute to the offering a new approach in the collaborative methodology to combat Human Trafficking through the criminal justice system, as well as legally addressing the needs of the victim-survivors.

Roberto promotes an international team-based model to combat International Human Trafficking.  He works closely with foreign diplomats, politicians, and governments to improve the free flow of criminal justice information through an exchange network among countries.  Equally, Roberto promotes the awareness of Transnational Laws, different legal systems, bilateral and multinational agreements in force, and how courts are interpreting a particular country’s obligation created in global legal instruments when it comes to prosecuting individual Human Trafficking cases. His focus is to assist countries in their ability to assert jurisdiction and secure the presence of an accused offender in all countries that the offender trafficked in through the guidance of bilateral and multinational treaty agreements. 

About Dr. Angela Salomon

Dr. Angela Salomon has worked with foreign and domestic labor and sex trafficked populations since 2007. Her education and training in Clinical Psychology has included program development and the assessment and treatment of human trafficking related trauma.  She serves as Co-Chair of Victims Services for the Arizona Human Trafficking Council and is the Director of Programs and Quality Assurance for an Arizona specialized residential program serving adolescent female survivors of commercial child sexual exploitation. In private practice, Dr. Salomon specialized in the treatment of chronic health conditions, trauma, and working with diverse and underserved populations. Dr. Salomon is invested in supporting the community through active collaboration, public speaking, and trainings both nationally and internationally.


Our experience

Together, Lisa and Heidi bring the proven success, experience, and knowledge to maximize their expertise in Human Trafficking.

Child Welfare and Behavorial Health - 17 years
Law Enforcement - 25 Years
Department of Child Safety - 11 Years
HEAT Human Exploration and Trafficking - 13 Years
Speaking Experience - 21 Years

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