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Human Trafficking:

Class 01: Identification and Awareness

In this class, you will learn what Trafficking is, from a retired Phoenix Police Detective, Heidi Chance, who served in the Human Trafficking and Exploitation unit for 13 years.

Heidi Chance brings a wealth of information from hands-on experience and delivers her knowledge in a very transparent and insightful manner including a real life case study.


Class 2- Fostering a Child Victim of Sex Trafficking

In this class, you will hear from both a retired detective, Heidi Chance, and former DCS supervisor, Lisa Lucchesi. Both have worked together on a sex trafficked case to provide insight on a real life scenario. Come and hear the positives as well as the challenges they faced and the journey they shared, from placement with one of the presenters, through recovery and then the youth aging out of the foster care system.


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Our experience

Together, Lisa and Heidi bring the proven success, experience, and knowledge to maximize their expertise in Human Trafficking.

Child Welfare and Behavorial Health - 17 years
Law Enforcement - 25 Years
Department of Child Safety - 11 Years
HEAT Human Exploration and Trafficking - 13 Years
Speaking Experience - 21 Years

Get your free copy of Lisa's "The Maricopa County Sex Trafficking Collaborative Analysis of Three Years of Cases"