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Human Trafficking:

Class 01: Identification and Awareness

In this class you will learn the risk factors, indicators and signs of trafficking. You will hear from a traffickers own words of how he finds his victims and pulls them in. You will also hear from a survivor about their journey from beginning to end.
You will be left with resources on how to help or find help.

This power point presentation is 2.5 hours and you will receive a certification of attendance.

Class 2- Fostering a Child Victim of Sex Trafficking

In this class, you will hear from Lisa Lucchesi a former Child Protective Services Case Manager and Supervisor and Behavioral Health Program Specialist as she discusses the unique challenges and strengths of caring for a child that has been a victim of trafficking.

Lisa will use three different case studies where she will identify the risk factors, the services needed, the challenges faced and how to navigate the proper assistance when it comes to the medical and behavioral health needs for a victim/ survivor.

This class is 2 hours and you will receive a certificate of attendance.


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Our experience

Together, Lisa and Heidi bring the proven success, experience, and knowledge to maximize their expertise in Human Trafficking.

Child Welfare and Behavorial Health - 17 years
Department of Child Safety - 11 Years
HEAT Human Exploration and Trafficking - 13 Years
Speaking Experience - 21 Years

Get your free copy of Lisa's "The Maricopa County Sex Trafficking Collaborative Analysis of Three Years of Cases"