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Ending the Game

Ending the Game ETG


10-week course

Ending the Game: A Sex Trafficking Intervention Curriculum (ETG)

ETG is a survivor-written curriculum designed to reduce feelings of attachment by sex trafficking victims to a trafficker and/or the lifestyle of commercial sexual exploitation. ETG aims to educate and empower victims of commercial sexual exploitation by providing victims with a structure and framework to assist in uncovering harmful psychological coercion, explore the sequence of commonly used mind control techniques used by traffickers, and empower ETG participants to acquire skills to “End The Game.”

Ending The Game ETG is a 10 week course, that meets weekly for 10 weeks: This course is specifically for those who have been identified as a victim of commercial exploitation, sex trafficked, or who have been a victim/survivor of Human Trafficking. This is for minors between the age of 12-17 years old years old.

For questions regarding the curriculum, please call Lisa at 480-593-3651. Any other questions, please call B2B Behavioral Health.


Lisa Lucchesi, BSW/Certified ETG

Survivor Lived Experience :

Lori Ortiz, Certified ETG



B2B Behavioral Health

2045 S Vineyard Building 1E Suite 115

Mesa, AZ 85210

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