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Deepfakes Are on the Rise—Here’s What You Need To Know


A 2019 report showed that deepfake creation would double yearly and that 96% of existing deepfakes were nonconsensual pornography.

QTCinderella is known as one of the most famous female gamers on Twitch. The 28-year-old, whose real name is Blaire, has a following of over 500k on Twitter and over 900,000 on Twitch. While she is known for her popularity on the gaming site and for creating the Streamer Awards, she has most recently been associated with being the latest high-profile victim of deepfake porn.

What’s the story?

At the end of January 2023, a prominent gamer accidentally revealed, while streaming, a site hosting nonconsensual, AI-generated images of multiple female Twitch gamers, including QTCinderella. This led to a spike in traffic to that deepfake site and, according to the victims, a flood of harassment via DMs or comments, including screenshots of their faces from the deepfake content.

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